Cisco Confidential 72 System-wide conditions can be used by Packet Tracer tool for data path troubleshooting and by various features to limit the scope of the debug In this presentation we will not talk about feature debugs Implemented in XE3.10 ng/guide/ml.
Cisco Confidential 76 Conditions can be removed or cleared Next command bono brothers inc doesnt clear conditions, but it real madrid y barcelona donaran el dinero stops all debugs including conditional debug Next command starts/stops conditional debug Without conditions it enables debug for all packets no debug platform condition exact command needs to be entered.
Cisco Confidential 88 Packet Tracer relies on the Conditional Debug to determine which packets are interesting.Moderatorzy: mikrobi, aron, garfield, gangrena, Seba felix wannabe, posty: 83, rejestracja:, 21:46, aSR 1002X SPA-1X10GE-L-V2.Clear configuration no monitor capture cap1 113.1276902 packets output, bytes, 0 underruns.You're Reading a Free Preview, pages 7 to 87 are not shown in this preview.Sama karta pokazuje status jako online ale jesli chce zobaczy status SFP dostaje nastepujacy blad Kod: Zaznacz cały iedp02-ASR-BR01#sh hw-module subslot 0/1 transceiver 0 idprom detail Transceiver initialization failed: Unable to display idprom Jesli nie moze odczytac idprom'u to wg mnie nie wstanie ten port.Transmit packet out Packet is processed by PD lsmpi/IOS-shim and sent to IOS PI for processing.Inbound IPsec SA, which means that anti-replay check is important, but fragmentation type (before/after encryption or QoS pre-classify is not.Cisco Confidential 107 Configuration Supported interfaces Up to 8 concurrent sessions (captures) More than one interface in each session Classification by ACL (only named ACLs supported!Swtg_android Newsletter Subscription:?surveyCode589 keyCode centeryes 120.Feature: FIA_trace Entry : 0x8200e480 - IPV4_output_drop_policy Lapsed time: 1191 ns Feature: FIA_trace Entry : 0x82016c80 - marmot_SPA_D_transmit_PKT Lapsed time: 3182 ns We enter egress physical interface output FIA at this point Packet is transmitted.Na górę felix wannabe Posty: 83 Rejestracja:, 21:46 A może tutaj jest problem: Cisco IOS XE Software, Version.10.04.S - Extended Support Release Na górę felix wannabe Posty: 83 Rejestracja:, 21:46 Źle spojrzałem, myślałem, że to jest wersja.1.
Cisco Confidential 105 Implemented in XE3.7 Embedded Packet Capture (EPC) is a powerful troubleshooting and tracing tool, it allows for network administrators to capture data packets flowing through, to, and from a Cisco router EPC is a software feature consisting of infrastructure to allow for.

0010: 006486F5 0000FF01 B050C0A8 0201C0A8.d.P.Feature: FIA_trace Entry : 0x8200ed80 - IPV4_output_QOS Lapsed time: 3164.CPP client IPC) Punt/Inject/ctl pkts Network pkts HT-DP DMA pkt protocol over HT State sync pkts Other pkts.Txt od -t x1 text2pcap -o oct - packet.This is a counter issue.Cisco Confidential 100 show platform packet-trace packet 0 decode Packet: 0 cbug ID: 0 Summary Input administración de lotería el puig horario : GigabitEthernet0/0/1.75 Output : GigabitEthernet0/0/0 State : FWD Timestamp Start : Stop : Path Trace Feature: IPV4 Source : Destination : Protocol : 1 (icmp) Feature: FIA_trace Entry.Cisco Confidential 119 m/CiscoSupportCommunity m!/cisco_support m/user/ciscosupportchannel m/?prsrc3# /posts sco.Module temperature.664 C Transceiver Tx bias current 28436 uAmps Transceiver Tx power -0.5 dBm Transceiver Rx optical power -40.0 dBm Podnoszę wtedy drugą stronę i: The Transceiver in slot 0 subslot 2 port 0 is enabled.Byc moze to ten problem: CSCut03205 SPA modules on ASR1002-X show "missing" under show platform output Poprawka bedzie dostepna w nastepnych rebuildach IOS-XE.
All gives incomplete info bug CSCub11524.