The Board shall make appropriate investigations: (a) To determine whether there has been any violation of this chapter or chapter 368A, 462, 464, 465 or 466 of NRS or any regulations adopted thereunder.
Regulations adopted by the Commission pursuant to this section must provide that the premises on which a service provider conducts its operations are subject to the power and authority of the Board and Commission pursuant to NRS 463.140, as though the premises are where gaming.For purposes of administering the quarterly state license fee imposed by NRS 463.373, the annual state license fees imposed by NRS 463.375 and 463.3855, and the annual tax imposed by NRS 463.385, the Commission shall prescribe by regulation the manner of counting slot machines whose.Balance sheets for at least the 3 preceding fiscal years or, if the limited partnership has not been in existence for 3 years, balance sheets from the time of its formation.(b) By concentrating the growth of gaming in those areas where it is most appropriate, the gaming industry and residential neighborhoods will both benefit enormously as those areas best suited for gaming, such as the Las Vegas Strip, will continue to grow and flourish, and those.If the Board approves the application, it shall issue to the licensee a permit to operate presently existing games or any additional games in designated areas of the licensees establishment.Any license issued or other commission approval granted pursuant to the provisions of this chapter or chapter 464 of NRS is a revocable privilege, and no holder acquires any vested right therein or thereunder.NRS 463.0172 Manufacturer defined.NRS 463.3105 Inapplicability of certain provisions of Open Meeting Law to certain investigatory proceedings.(Added to NRS by 1987, 1779 ; big dollar casino no deposit bonus codes july 2017 A 1997, 1196 ) NRS 463.4212 Live broadcast defined. .Whenever a dispute described in subsection 1 involves: (a) At least 500, the licensee shall immediately notify the Board; or (b) Less than 500, the licensee shall notify the patron of the patrons right to request that the Board conduct an investigation.35:429:1955 (NRS A 1979, 788 ; 1981, 1088 ; 1985, 2139 ; 1989, 489 ; 1991, 652 ) NRS 463.355 District attorney, sheriff and chief of police to furnish information obtained during investigation or prosecution. .Except as otherwise provided in subsection 3, the Commission may fix, regulate and control the rates to be charged by any disseminator of information concerning racing held at a track which uses the pari-mutuel system of wagering, but the rates must be just and reasonable.
(Added to NRS by 2013, 2733 ) NRS 463.3351 Payment of child support: Statement by applicant for registration as gaming employee; grounds for denial of registration; duty of Board.
The following procedures apply at all hearings of the Commission other than investigative hearings:. .

A person who has: (a) Been denied a license by the Commission; (b) Been found unsuitable by the Commission; or (c) Had a license or finding of suitability revoked by the Commission, Ê shall not enter or attempt to enter into any contract or agreement with a licensee.Clerical employees of the Board are in the classified service but are exempt from the provisions of chapter 284 of NRS for purposes of removal.(4) For each game more than 35 games, the sum of 100.(Added to NRS by 1967, 1039 ; A 1969, 462 ; 1979, 772 ; 1981, 1073 ; 1985, 2134 ) NRS 463.0153 Gaming and gambling defined. .(e) May demand a hearing.It is unlawful for any person to sell, purchase, lease, hypothecate, borrow or loan money, or create a voting trust agreement or any other agreement of any sort to or with any licensee in connection with any gaming operation licensed under this chapter or with.In addition to requiring a manufacturer or distributor of associated equipment to be registered as set forth in subsections 2 and 3, any person who directly or indirectly involves himself or herself in the sale, transfer or offering for use or play in Nevada.NRS 463.01469 Debit instrument defined.The Commission may, at any time and from time to time, by general regulation or selectively, impose on any holding company or intermediary company any requirement not inconsistent with law which it may deem necessary in the public interest.The rights and privileges acquired by the holders of different classes of authorized securities, including debentures.If a person is proposing to operate an establishment with a nonrestricted license and the location of the proposed establishment: (a) Is not within the Las Vegas Boulevard gaming corridor or the rural Clark County gaming zone; and (b) Is not within a gaming enterprise district,.
The remedies of the State for the collection and payment of license fees, taxes, penalties and interest provided for in this chapter are cumulative and any action taken by the Commission or the Attorney General does not constitute an election by the State to pursue.
Any security having a direct or indirect participation in the profits of the issuer.